Innovation Montessori Is proud to partner with Public Wireless and the Affordable Connectivity Program to be able to offer eligible students and their families a brand new 10.1 inch tablet complete with unlimited high speed cellular data free of charge to help out with broadband internet connectivity at home. This program is open to any qualifying applicant and is managed by Public Wireless. 

  • Families with low to moderate income are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Participants in the NSLP Program qualify automatically
  • Participants in government programs such as SNAP, Federal Housing Assistance, and many more qualify automatically.

Please Note: This program is provided by Public Wireless and support for the tablet and internet connectivity is provided by Public Wireless through their 1-800 customer service phone number as well as a network of more than 11,000 retail locations nationwide. Innovation Montessori does not provide support or servicing for these devices – nor are they a replacement for classroom technology provided by Innovation Montessori.