IMHS Grading Policy

Grading Scale: A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60-69
F = 50-59

For each grading period, students will receive a mid-quarter progress report and an end-of-quarter report card. Grade Point Averages (GPA) are calculated at the conclusion of each semester (ex. Quarter 1 + Quarter 2 = Semester 1).

IMHS students have the opportunity to earn both weighted and unweighted GPA. Honors courses receive a 0.5 weighted GPA bonus and AP courses receive a 1.0 weighted GPA bonus. 

Unweighted GPA is used to determine graduation status. A 2.0 unweighted GPA is required for graduation. Weighted GPA is used for scholarship applications, college admissions decisions, and class rank.

IMHS provides extremely limited opportunities for grade/credit recovery. As such, our teachers have created classroom policies to promote the revision and resubmission of poor-quality student work. 

Our focus is on creating students who are intrinsically motivated to engage in the learning process and to produce high-quality work.